What difference can I make?

I like seeing through a glass bottle. It gives another perspective on reality. The world is decoded in our minds to be what we understand as real (‘our’ world exists in our heads not out there). It is a filtered and biased process. Learning to question the world grows independent thought and the ability to nurture our own form of world peace. Change is not out there, it’s inside. Being vegan is a show of peace and a giant leap away from the violence humans project upon world. Think you can’t make a difference? You vote for a certain type of life every time you spend money. Each pound, dollar, euro or whatever spent is a hand raised for the kind of world you wish to live in.

I will/Aware

Emotion is a drug. Good or bad it seeks to give the creator what they ask for. I am aware of my emotions and it is my choice to embrace them.

I don’t know how I will get to you

But I will

I don’t know how I can love you more

But I will

I don’t know how to un-break promises

But I will

I don’t know how to be a better me

But I will

I have only ever seen myself as partly of this earth, as I believe we all are. The physical self is an expressive tool for the energy of the true self.

I cannot be lost as my physical body is not I. I can however be out of touch, become too invested in the needs of the human.

Being in control of the human self is not easy, it so delicately rides emotion and resiliently guards it’s passions.

Emotion is a drug. Good or bad it seeks to give the creator what they ask for. I am aware of my emotions and it is my choice to embrace them.

One day sadness took my hand

Made me regret no, despise who I am

I did everything right to get things wrong

I bled deep

till I filled every crack with despair.

What am I? this human being

This being human is incomplete,

I’m under a quilt hiding away

When the rest of the world is on their feet.

Shallow thinking to first compare

I am not them I am aware

I am aware

I am aware

Yes, this is the reason I do not compare.


One foot in front of the other…

In amongst all the hustle and bustle, all the busyness and towering concrete of London, there are little oasis’ of green. Wimbledon common is one such place.

It is a Saturday afternoon and the common has attracted many visitors. Those visitors also bring with them super excited dogs that chase around here and there in their non linear attempt to follow scent.

As I walk I pay attention to my feet, sometimes squishing mud or rustling leaves, the movement and feeling becomes very meditative.

I closely pay attention to my senses, how the cool air feels on my skin, the rich smell of the woodland, the combined sound of people and animals and the sight of shapes and colours surrounding. My breathing draws shallow.

After doing this for a minute or two the mind can be quiet. You have hit the reset button, no need to listen to your rambling inner voice.

It is time to experience stillness.

There is something quite beautiful about being truly in the moment. It shows you what you really are, in this state of flow, there is no need to worry or act as the ego would have you do. You are in tune.

The ego is a tool, it helps us navigate the physical world but it is not to be taken as who or what we are.

The heart beats, the hand holds, the mind navigates and the true self both resonates and absorbs pure energy.

Take a walk and give this a go.

Best foot forward.

Author: Tom

Primary reality and our illusory worlds.

Primary reality is like the DNA of the universe but with one difference, it contains ‘Potential’. Potential is ready to become the manifested, it is endless possibility.

Primary reality is like the DNA of the universe but with one difference, it contains ‘Potential’. Potential is ready to become the manifested, it is endless possibility.

I will no longer refer to this illusory world as reality, shallow cognition of electrical energy does not tell the whole story nor should it be taken at face value.

We change the illusory world constantly with our actions. We add energy to primary reality without knowing what we are truly doing. We see only the effect of our actions but this is often too late. Not being in tune with primary reality is


like cooking with a blindfold on and having to put up with the outcome.

As technology has taken over the world so has investment in our 5 senses. Limitation is a self made prison and fear and ignorance is the prison guard.

It is not enough to exist in an illusory world, we must also create a character to call our own, and so we become falsely individual.

Now we have the pressure of making that disconnected individual feel like it’s wanted, belonging and worth something. Society and its teachings only assist in the divorce from the oneness of the Primary being.

Prolonged happiness is not possible for the ‘Me illusion’, it is there to want and need. The Primary being wants for nothing it just is.

The question is not ‘why is life like this?’ It’s ‘why have we decided to interpret life like this?’

The illusory world is important but we can also live in duality with Primary Reality. In doing so we can have more influence over our illusory world including how we experience time.

They who live by the clock, die by the clock. Time is not rigid, it is merely a concept in an already illusory world.

It is no wonder we experience stress when the Me illusion tries to put mental scaffolding around fluid energy expecting it to stay put.

We say ‘go with the flow’ without absorbing the true meaning, so maybe ‘be the flow’ would be more accurate.

Life is because we think it is

Spirituality is a sense of balance between worlds.

pexels-photo-247530Spirituality is a sense of balance between worlds. It’s a fountain of love and deep knowledge we can all share in. It is knowing we are more than the limitations of our senses and that we are arms of the same being. The physical/manifested plane is a reaction to our will and emotions and brought to life by potential. Spirituality let’s us know we are timeless, a non linear momental recreation of ourselves. It is a personal journey to find togetherness and one often achieved through viewing the ego as a self created us, a character we play, not true reality. Beyond the ego we become an absorber of truth, non questioning. The brain wants to question in order to complete a pattern, questions are often asked whilst guiding or creating an answer. It is interesting to admit here that language is restrictive, labelling does not convey true feeling, it should be felt right?