What difference can I make?

I like seeing through a glass bottle. It gives another perspective on reality. The world is decoded in our minds to be what we understand as real (‘our’ world exists in our heads not out there). It is a filtered and biased process. Learning to question the world grows independent thought and the ability to nurture our own form of world peace. Change is not out there, it’s inside. Being vegan is a show of peace and a giant leap away from the violence humans project upon world. Think you can’t make a difference? You vote for a certain type of life every time you spend money. Each pound, dollar, euro or whatever spent is a hand raised for the kind of world you wish to live in.

Face on Canvas

I visited the national portrait gallery and wrote this poem afterwards in the crypt of St Martin in the fields.

I thought about being surrounded by snapshots of these people’s souls. They will live forever in the inspired mind.

Face on canvas

A face on stretched canvas

Imbibing the soul

a deep mirrored glow

In strength and in beauty

The vulnerable show

Separated by time

The body now long dead

A traveller piece of a moment

An auspiciously delicate thread

The feelings of passion

The dark hour of despair

Captured with a brushstroke

With our minds to ensnare