One foot in front of the other…

In amongst all the hustle and bustle, all the busyness and towering concrete of London, there are little oasis’ of green. Wimbledon common is one such place.

It is a Saturday afternoon and the common has attracted many visitors. Those visitors also bring with them super excited dogs that chase around here and there in their non linear attempt to follow scent.

As I walk I pay attention to my feet, sometimes squishing mud or rustling leaves, the movement and feeling becomes very meditative.

I closely pay attention to my senses, how the cool air feels on my skin, the rich smell of the woodland, the combined sound of people and animals and the sight of shapes and colours surrounding. My breathing draws shallow.

After doing this for a minute or two the mind can be quiet. You have hit the reset button, no need to listen to your rambling inner voice.

It is time to experience stillness.

There is something quite beautiful about being truly in the moment. It shows you what you really are, in this state of flow, there is no need to worry or act as the ego would have you do. You are in tune.

The ego is a tool, it helps us navigate the physical world but it is not to be taken as who or what we are.

The heart beats, the hand holds, the mind navigates and the true self both resonates and absorbs pure energy.

Take a walk and give this a go.

Best foot forward.

Author: Tom


Author: charmingmindguru

Vegan, explorer, thinker, writer... and I play some guitar

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