Life is because we think it is

Spirituality is a sense of balance between worlds.

pexels-photo-247530Spirituality is a sense of balance between worlds. It’s a fountain of love and deep knowledge we can all share in. It is knowing we are more than the limitations of our senses and that we are arms of the same being. The physical/manifested plane is a reaction to our will and emotions and brought to life by potential. Spirituality let’s us know we are timeless, a non linear momental recreation of ourselves. It is a personal journey to find togetherness and one often achieved through viewing the ego as a self created us, a character we play, not true reality. Beyond the ego we become an absorber of truth, non questioning. The brain wants to question in order to complete a pattern, questions are often asked whilst guiding or creating an answer. It is interesting to admit here that language is restrictive, labelling does not convey true feeling, it should be felt right?


Author: charmingmindguru

Vegan, explorer, thinker, writer... and I play some guitar

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